Stop waiting for…

… Fridays & Weekends

Summers & Holidays

The right moments

The opportunities

Others to come and change your life

Something bad to happen, to be on your knees…

Someone to ask you to be kind

Monday, to start exercising

And most important, stop waiting for life…


But always make sure you wait for…

The morning when the night seems too dark

The answer when you only pray with tears

Recovery when time flies too slow

Results based on your changes in life

The end of the chapter when you’re only on your first page

Sunrises and sunsets

God to finally bring to you what you need

Everything in your life to be peaceful and settled.


We are not supposed to step back and wait for others to bring us what we want & need. Also, God has His own timing, not ours.

Learn to know whenever you should wait or not.







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