How I Feed My Curiosity Day By Day

My curiosity reaches points that I didn’t know they exist. I am always thirsty when it comes to unusual topics or useful information and this is why I, sometimes, surf endlessly on Youtube looking for something fresh, some trusting sources. With some help from my friends and Netflix, I had found some interesting channels and documentaries that I think would help you too. So here’s my list:

Youtube Channels:

  1. TED-Ed

-most of their conferences are good listening material on a busy weeknight because their invigorating topics are always welcomed in my mind.

2. Thoughty2

3. The School Of Life

4. Shots of Awe

5. Vsauce

6. ThatChristianVlogger

-if you’re looking for a good Christian Vlogger, I highly recommend you this guy. He debates heavy, controversial topics from biblical points of view and I always find on his channel some new opinions, worth thinking about in a Christian life. 



When I talk about the documentaries I saw on Netflix, I’m gonna say with embarrassment that I saw only a few, and here’s my top 3:

  1. Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

-I already watched this one about three times and every time I finish it, I start appreciating more and more the connections, the real content relations, letting go the attachment for unreal, material things with no life. For me, it’s a continuous battle whenever it comes to keeping or throwing out things, because I love keeping memories, but I learned that memories don’t always have to be palpable, only feelings that are not gonna be forgotten.

2. Innsaei: The Power of Intuition

3. Abstract: The Art of Design 

Another way to feed my curiosity is to constantly ask or keep searching until I find my answer… 3 years later… by mistake. But that’s clearly a result of my ‘power’ of concentration.

I hope this could help you and give you some materials to check out. Tell me in the comments section below if you have better suggestions or if you don’t agree with one of my sources and why. I want to hear your opinion!

Thank you!!!




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