Autumn Looks

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Autumn makes us happy! And when we’re happy, we like to share this feeling with people around us. One of the ways that we use to do that is dressing up. When our mood matches our style, the whole world steps back and applause.

Along with these two dear friends of mine, I started a new segment of my blog which is gonna be about style, clothes and seasons.

We truly believe that choosing the best outfit that can match both your mood and the season that you’re in is one of the most pleasing thing ever.

So let me introduce you to my partners for this season. Meet Raluca and Robert.


One of their passions is fashion and being well-dressed, as you can see.

So here we got beautiful RalucaDSC_0860

and she’s wearing


a great outfit for cold autumn days, keeping in touch with both coziness and style.

Now meet handsome Robert.


He is wearing a combination of casual and sports jackets, both blending perfectly with the weather.


So here we are, feeling inspired by their looks. Or at least I am.





See you soon!!

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